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The Overton Window

The Overton Window - Glenn Beck

“I think we are seeing where intellectualisam ; "a .357 semi-jacketed hollow point was the last thing to go through his mind.”

The next chapter and a half--which is as far as I read--is bodice ripper stuff. Our two protagonists, Noah (think Biblical) and Molly Ross (think Betsy Ross) meet. The chapter starts with Noah, turning 28, and thinking of the big 3-0, pondering his life and concluding, “it takes two to tango.” Fortunately, his dance partner arrives at that precise moment: “It was in the middle of these deep ruminations on life and love that the woman of his dreams first caught his eye.” Now, I’ll grant that there’s some irony in this line, but it doesn’t excuse the writing, which only gets worse. Noah’s descriptions of Molly go on for pages and pages. Here is a sampling:
“she was hot, but it was an aloof and effortless hotness”

[she has ”line,” which is explained at length prior to this quote:]: “[She had:] that same exquisite line, from the toes of her sandals all the long, lovely way up to her fingertips….he knew right then he was in love.”

“Something about this woman defied a traditional chick-at-a-glance inventory. Without a doubt all the goodies were in the right places…”

“Though he’d been in her presence for less than a minute, her soul had locked itself onto his senses, far more than her substance had” (emphasis mine).

Right, he’s penetrated her soul by describing her physical assets. Works for me. The descriptions of her “soul” continue on for pages. …Perhaps this book gets better, but somehow I doubt it.