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Pleasuring the Pirate

Pleasuring the Pirate - Mia Marlowe, Emily Bryan

The subject is sex, and early on, you begin to note a pattern...

The pirate is fixated on Jack/Jacquelyn/Lyn’s bodice. His goal, which he makes plain early on, is to penetrate the cheeky wench’s bodice...and other parts as well; in this mood, he’s portrayed as more animal than gentleman, and our lass fights rather reluctantly to resist him. It goes something like this:


Meanwhile, our heroine--first disguised as a young lad (Jack) which is also her nickname, as she is not fond of her real name (Jacquelyn), and is later dubbed Lyn by the gentleman pirate, now Lord Drake of Dragon Caern Castle--has problems of her own.

Oddly, any touch to any part of her body sends a direct, unbidden, channel of lust to her groin. She just can’t help it.

Example one [Our Lord Pirate is after Jack, whom he’s cleverly deduced is not a lad (duh):]: “His hand splayed across her bound breast. A jolt of something forbidden shot from her nipples to her groin.”

Example two [The Lord Pirate is kissing her hand; he nuzzles “the crevice between her forefinger and middle finger”:]: “A downward spiral started in her groin. Jacquelyn’s eyes snapped open….A jolt of longing, an empty ache, streaked to her womb. She gasped.”

Example three [Here, Jacqueline initiates the response, by evoking a “feral male growl” from the Lord Pirate:]: “Instead of scaring her, his involuntary response sent a thrill of power surging through her. Warmth settled in her groin and smoldered, ready to burst into flame.”

Example four [The Lord Pirate teases her nipple with his tongue:]: "Jacquelyn gasped. The lust in her groin shot from an ache to white-hot pangs."

Example five [Here, Jacquelyn merely dreams of the Lord Pirate:]: "But most dreams didn't leave her with such a heavy, dull ache in her groin."

Example six [He sucks her toe.:]: "When he took her toe into her mouth and sucked, a streak of desire shot up her leg to quiver in her groin."

...I worried about Jacquelyn and the way her nerves were hard-wired to her groin.

I also pondered what was meant by categorizing the book as "leisure historical fiction." How does "leisure" differentiate this book from regular historical fiction. Is "leisure" a code word for sex, or does it imply some kind of dress readers wear, such as leisure suits? Do people who read sexually-laden books have more leisure? Or, do you feel more leisurely when you read these books? I need an answer.

However, I don't have a bone to pick with Emily Bryan. She follows the bodice-ripping romance formula and writes rather well in this genre. She ramps up the story arc with sufficient tension. But the hero is going to hang! Or not?

You'll need to read the book to find out, but I can assure you that Jacquelyn's groin lives happily ever after.