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Trifles - Susan Glaspell Also written by Glaspell as a short story, "A Jury of her Peers," which I don't like nearly as well. There's a lovely film 1980 film version, which though entitled "A Jury of her Peers," follows the staging and script of the one-act play, Trifles.

Glaspell's cleanly-scripted drama, plays on the idea that men and women speak different languages and perceive different realities. In the midst of a murder investigation at a rural farmhouse, the men - seeking the facts, trying to determine the motive - march upstairs to scrutinize the crime scene. Meanwhile, they miss the subtle clues the two women are able to "read" downstairs as they scan the home's "trifles": a partially cleaned table, a oddly sewn bit of stitching, a broken birdcage, etc.

The 1916 play remains remarkably fresh and modern.