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Welcome to the Monkey House: Stories

Welcome to the Monkey House - Kurt Vonnegut An excellent collection of short stories. Among my favorites were "Harrison Bergeron" and "Who Am I This Time?" In the latter story, Kurt Vonnegut presents the character of Harry Nash, a reticent hardware store owner who comes out of his shell only when he is acting a part on stage. The problem is, when Harry plays a role, he becomes the role … literally. Later in the story—after Harry falls in love—he is able to speak to Helene only by stringing together lines from the various roles he has performed.

The artificiality of Harry’s life may seem absurd, or even grotesque. But is it? Vonnegut’s story prompts us to consider how many roles we play. How many selves do we become over the course of a lifetime? How many different faces do we present in a day?