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As You Like It (The New Folger Library Shakespeare)

As You Like It - William Shakespeare Loved Rosalind, a multi-faceted character who embodies and rejects the the conventions of romantic love, well known in the Elizabethan Age, which included falling in love at first sight, emotional disturbances, sleeplessness, etc. These symptoms, though, are generally suffered by the male, since the lady, greatly idealized and adored by her wooer, typically acts aloof and unattainable. Rebuffed, the suitor courts his lady with a series of elaborate praises of her beauty and virtue, and vows his unwavering devotion.

Rosalind is both drawn to and repelled by romantic love. Clear-headed and truthful, Rosalind's personality mediates the extremes of love: the shallow artificiality of courtly love and empty sensuality of love without romance. Although several forms of love are shown within the play, it is with Rosalind that love attains its truest form.